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    Jan 01,2021 - Jan 26, 2021


MT4 Expert Advisor The complete job is open for bids between $75 and $100. I am not paying more so there is no point in bidding higher as you will be ignored. ________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE: You will get the indicator and what you will see when loaded onto your chart is not what is on my chart. No pictures or my private settings for this system will be provided. Only writen instructions. If you ask for either, I will assume you cannot code from instructions or you are attempting to aquire my private optimized settings, and I will look for another coder. All you need is the indicator and the instructions but seeing how it works is not neccessary to code it. I will do the testing and inform you of any corrections needed. _____________________________________________________________________________ This simple EA uses 1 indicator and has 4 entry parameters with an additional entry function for 2 of them. The settings of this indicator have been modified so the inner and outer bands cross each other when conditions are right which is how the signals are generated. Example of one parameter: The inner band crossing the outer band from below, and is still touching or above the outer band at the close of the current bar, generates a sell signal. Any buy trades are then closed. The additional functions are similar and just as simple. Time to complete is 48 hours for function 1. We will proceed from there.

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