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    Jan 11,2023 - Feb 05, 2023


features we are looking Task management: Allows team members to create, assign, and track tasks. Collaboration: Enables team members to communicate and share files within the tool. Time tracking: Allows team members to log the amount of time they spend on tasks. Gantt chart: A visual representation of the schedule and dependencies of tasks. Calendar: A shared calendar that shows deadlines and upcoming events. Resource management: Helps to manage and allocate resources such as team members, equipment, and budget. Reports: Generates reports on the progress of tasks, team activity, and project budget. Integrations: Integrates with other tools such as email, file sharing, and accounting software. Mobile access: Provides mobile apps or mobile-friendly interface to access tool on mobile device Permissions and access control: Allows the team leader to control which team members have access to which features and data. Online whiteboard : Enables team members to share and collaborate on sketches, diagrams, and visual concepts. Video conferencing : Allow team members to hold meeting, screen share and discuss on video call.

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